AJ Peat Dirty Buzzard - Overdrive, Fuzz & Distortion

AJ Peat Dirty Buzzard - Overdrive, Fuzz & Distortion

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The Dirty Buzzard is the master of the desert skies!

The Dirty Buzzard is a hybrid transistor tone monster with NOS germanium and silicon transistors all stacked and packed under the hood! It sounds so freakin’ awesome, we want to share it with the guitar world, and we thank the folks at Cusack Music for working their butts off to get this bad boy ready for the whole world. The Dirty Buzzard goes from transparent overdrive to high fidelity distortion to articulate high-gain fuzz. With limitless subtle adjustments, and a boost channel you can kick in when its time for a lead, or if you just want to take it up a notch volume-wise. Featuring top-notch components and bulletproof construction, this AJ Peat pedal: 

-Attack (gain)
-Boost (right stomp switch)
-True bypass (left stomp switch)

-Standard center negative 9V DC supply only (not battery capable)
-Current draw: ~6mA

-4.7" L x 3.69" W x 1.37" H