AJ Peat "The Bluebird"

 The Bluebird

Floats like a feather with heavy tone.

AJ Peat’s take on the classic, iconic Stratocaster. These are hand-made, one at a time, on a custom order basis. As with all models, they feature choice, aged, air-dried woods, and custom hand-wound Don Mare pickups. Other pickups are available by customer request. The Bird series will get you all the classic throaty, bell and chime tones of a Strat with added sustain, a more responsive feel and wider tonal range. The body with it’s more defined and sharper contours set it apart in feel and appearance. The standard model comes with an aged conifer body: cedar, white pine, red spruce, Sitka spruce, etc., other woods are available upon request. The standard neck is flamed Michigan maple with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. The neck can be Tru oiled or finished with nitrocellulose lacquer. Again, a variety of neck woods are available upon request. The vibrato unit is an AJ Peat custom 100% titanium unit: block, plate, and saddles. These are made to order from a shop in motor city, Detroit, Michigan. A variety of celluloid pickguards come standard. As always, each instrument is named after the color, as it relates to a particular bird in the skies.



AJ Peat "The Red Racer"

The Red Racer

This is a Red Racer model 3 guitar. The body is 2-inch solid Korina, and the neck is a single piece made from quarter sawn Indian rosewood. The bridge is from Mastery, and the vibrato unit is an early 60's Fender with a new top plate. The pickups are made for me by Harmonic Design.



AJ Peat "The Sidewinder"

The Sidewinder

This prototype is about to hit the streets in conjunction with TV Jones Super’Tron pickups, which will be used exclusively in this series. There is only one of these right now, with more slated for delivery later this year. This could be the most in-demand AJ Peat guitar yet, with a behind-the-scenes tug of war to see who gets a hold of this bad boy.



The Viper

Faster than a Jaguar, and cooler than a Jazzmaster.

AJ Peat’s unique take on the Jaguar/Jazzmaster are hand-made, one at a time, featuring a choice of woods, Jazzmaster style pickups or humbuckers hand-wound or machine wound depending on customer preferences. The AJ Peat Viper series defies time with a signature vintage and modern sound that stands alone with deep tonal characteristics and smooth, biting high notes. Beautiful, balanced and born to be played, the Viper series model jumps into your arms and stays there. This Jezebel rocker will steal your heart and have your other guitars feeling neglected. With it’s offset body style and unique construction features like the Michigan maple neck with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, this model not only feels great but boasts loads of harmonics and sustain. The standard model body is a 2″ piece of solid African White Limba (Korina), the body and headstock finish is 100% Nitrocellulose Lacquer, and the back of the neck has been sealed with Tru Oil for the natural feel of bare wood. A variety of woods are available upon request. With a Mastery bridge and tremolo unit plus top-notch components all-around, the Viper series will be a prized instrument in your collection. Each instrument is named after the color as it relates to a particular Viper in the wild.



Coming soon: T-Style Baritones X TV Jones

Code name: California Kingsnake.

AJ Peat recently had the opportunity to get some of the new TV Jones Starwood Telecaster Pickups for a totally new build and we’ve decided to make this next batch of yet-to-be-named instruments baritones. These are under construction now and we’ll have a few for people to hear and play soon… stay tuned!

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